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Specialists in avionics area and more, from 1985


ICB is a successful company, whose core business is the development of software and IT systems for the avionics and aeronautics industry and manufacturing. As a consolidated partner of Finmeccanica Group, and in particular AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi and Selex ES, ICB boasts thirty years experience in the development of tests for aircraft certification, software and applications.

Other important customers are: Piaggio Aero, Comau Robotics, Pilatus (Switzerland).

ICB provides the following services to its customers:


IT services for manufacturers of fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft and tiltrotor, definition of requirements, avionics software development, software test development, engineering and avionics integration, aircraft approval, test Program Set (TPS)


software development for specific customer needs


multimedia training courses and simulators for training of aviation personnel

Angelo Bracchi and Rocco Coluccia are the founding members. Their professional history begins in the late '70s at the OLIVETTI of Ivrea (TO). As consultants, they were responsible for the development of software and banking and multimedia applications. During their collaboration with Olivetti they decided to found the ICB Srl.

In the '80s, ICB started to grow its interest in providing services to the aviation industry companies, thanks to some activities related to research projects funded by the European Union in collaboration with Olivetti and Agusta helicopters.


    Implementation of requirements for the development of avionics software, for:

    1. MFD systems (Multi-Function Display)
    2. communications systems (radio, transponders, antennas)
    3. FMS (Flight Management System)


    After the analysis of the requirements, the test sequences are designed, implemented and executed for the testing of programs that are runnable on computers and on-board devices; release of documents related to ATP and Test Report.

    Engineering activities and integration of avionics systems, in order to validate the releases related to aircraft in the qualification phase on dedicated RIG.

    Areas of expertise:

    1. Navigation/tactical navigation
    2. AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System)
    3. Navigation Sensors
    4. Condition Monitoring
    5. Vibration Monitoring
    6. Communication systems (IFF transponder, Radio)
    7. Navigation Performances
    8. HELO performances
    9. Data selection/Data averaging
    10. Alarm management
    11. Multi Functional Display (MFD)
    12. Head Up Display (HUD)
    13. Cockpit Display System (CDS)
    14. Symbol Generator (MCSG)
    15. Digital Maps
    16. mission systems: radar, FLIR, Sonar, Sonobuoy

    Development Environments used to design tests: Valid, Python, Doors


    The approval activities of the avionics system and the human-computer interaction is implemented with DOORS, and includes:

    1. circuit analysis (calculations for testing the size of electronic components)
    2. interpretation/analysis of electronic/mechanical circuits function)
    3. analysis of Reliability, Maintainability, Testability and FMECA
    4. analysis of Safety (Fault Tree Analysis)
    5. Stress analysis (according to the calculation methods provided in  MIL - HDBK - 217F - Notice 2, PRISM)


    Starting from Electrical Diagrams, ICD and ATP of production of various avionics equipment, TPS for the functional verification of the avionics equipment are generated on automatic test benches (ATE).

    The generated TPS are related to flight and mission computers, folding system, displays and panels, Radar Altimeter, distribution unit, lighting system, gun turret.

    The activity includes:

    1. adapter design for the connection of the avionics device to the test bench
    2. the design of the fixture for the housing of the drive units under test
    3. design of electronic boards to be mounted in the adapter together with the other components, to ensure the device interfacing with the various measuring instruments on the bench
    4. the design of the connecting cables between the bank, the adapter and the fixture
    5. drafting of TRD describing each test to be performed with the various operational guidelines in case of detected faults
    6. development of the test program to be executed by the computer housed in the bank, implemented with programming languages such as Atlas, Pascal, LabWindows, C
    7. integration of all TPS parts on the bench
  • According to customer needs, ICB has implemented customized projects, such as:

    • Simulation software for prototyping Mission Computer of an European helicopter (for each nation and variant)
    • HUMS-OPSW system and Ground Monitoring
    • Vibration Monitoring System
    • Software for interconnecting different communication systems (Collins Radio, Bowman)
    • Graphics and software development of a EDCU (Enhanced Display Control Unit) system
    • Development of a software for a self-protection system (SIAP)
    • Development of software for Ground Stations: downloading, processing, storage of flight data
    • Development of emulators for on-board equipment both on SUN UNIX systems, and PC WINDOWS
    • Tools for the automatic/semi-automatic execution of the procedures for the MFD systems testing, HUD and OFP, on the target platform and the host (including the development of a management of the shared memory system)
    • Development of software for MFD
    • Development of software for FCS (Flight Control System)
    • Analysis, design and development of a Digital Map Generator(DMG).
    • Development of TCP / IP modules, UDP, shared memory for interprocess communication multithreaded whose main peculiarities are: network throughput, network delay, data size, reconnection after a crash.
    • Development of a Jeppesen library to manage Jeppesen navigation data.
    • Tools for data acquisition from ARINC 429 buses
    • Development of software for Ground Station and pilot and UAV helicopter monitoring
    • Tools development for calculation of electric loads on board.
  • The design of multimedia training systems includes:

    • Development of Part Task Trainer systems (PTT) and Technical Trainer Device (TTD) including both the instructor station and the student stations, with Cockpit simulation, flight and mission computers
    • Editing of training analysis, storyboards and development of multimedia CBT (Computer Based Training) for training aviation personnel, by using a combination of text, 3D images, animations, photos, audio and video, integrated with each other. The result is an increased didactical effectiveness. The courses are developed with Flash, Director, Authorware and the 3D graphic is drawn with 3D Studio Max and Maya; Compatible with the SCORM standard
    • Software development for the management of a multimedia classroom including self-test system
    • Development of simulators and emulators of avionics equipment
  • ICB has been involved in projects funded by Italian and European public institutions, in partnership with other SMEs and industry leaders.


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